I love data so you don’t have to. Here’s how I can help:

Data evaluation
Many organizations have good data management software, but they don’t have the resources or expertise to use it effectively. I can evaluate your current database to improve management of the donor information and teach you software features that fit your fundraising goals.

System evaluation
If you’ve never had a database before or are ready for an upgrade, I can help you evaluate your needs and research the best software solution for your organization.

Data migration and clean-up:
Disorganized data doesn’t do anyone any good. I can clean up your data so you can use it as the valuable asset it is. If you move to new software, I can manage the complicated process of migrating your data to the new system.

Reporting improvements:
One of the most exciting things about working with data is seeing what stories it can tell. Want to know how effective your last appeal letter was or how many donors you moved from cultivation to solicitation this year? I’ll help you create streamlined reports that tell you exactly what you need to know about your donors, your subscribers and your finances.

Data integrity:
Since perfect data would require perfect data entry, even the best databases inevitably have errors. I can design and implement data integrity reports—for example, searches for bad zip codes, capitalization errors or duplicate entries—that will take the headache out of your mass mailings, ensure you aren’t wasting money, and help you stay in good relationship with your donors.

Policy documentation and staff training:
I know you don’t have time to write down your data policies, procedures, and best practices, so I do it for you. This is particularly important to help overcome the possible data management challenges that can come with staff turnover. I can also train your staff so that everyone understands how to properly implement those procedures to get the most out of your data.

I have experience working with:
Raiser’s Edge
Microsoft Access
Supplemental/complementary tools using products such as MS Access or Crystal report