About Jill


Jill Meyer is a self-described data geek. She loves digging into a complicated, outdated, poorly organized database and coming out the other side with a clean, user-friendly data management system. She provides nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to build relationships with their key stakeholders, convert “supporters” to donors, and locate information patterns that indicate what people care about most.

Jill has worked with data in large corporations, world-class art institutions, innovative philanthropic organizations, and the smallest of nonprofits. No matter who the client, Jill’s approach to data management remains consistent: helping people build trust in the data, developing clear reports to analyze the most important information, and streamlining processes so that a staff of any size can consistently enter and access data.

To top it off, Jill thinks data is fun. She speaks geek, but don’t worry. She speaks English, too.


Clients have included:
Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota-North Dakota
Employment Action Center
Richardson, Richter & Associates
Wellspring Journey Project
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota